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Concrete Structures have a finite life and are very much dependent on quality of design and quality of workmanship. Deterioration of concrete is generally caused by the action of carbonation and chloride / sulphur attack of the structure.

The deterioration is not always visible and when it is visible this is generally only the tip of the damage. Left untreated, these tips will soon become an expansive and expensive problem.

Inspections and analysis of the reason for damage is very important so as to determine the method of rectification.

Concrete ‘Cancer’ is a serious condition that should be dealt with quickly and professionally.  Sydney Concrete Repairs have the expertise and products to correct this serious building problem starting by entirely cleaning back the degraded concrete and steel to a firm surface then, by the use of rust converters and passivators, combined with non-shrink epoxy grouts and cementitious repair compounds Sydney Concrete Repairs can restore your building so as it is good for a lifetime.


  • Concrete repair
  • Waterproofing
  • Cathodic Protection
  • Steel & Fiber Reinforcing
  • Crack Injection
  • Cement Grouting
  • Polymer Modified Cement
  • Heli fixing
  • Remedial repairs
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